Stem cells have become the cornerstone in the emerging field of treatments and therapies which is called Regenerative Medicine. Doctors have harnessed the unique ability of stem cells to treat diseases like leukaemia and other genetic blood diseases. In the recent years the researchers have discovered that the stem cells have also the power to fight disease, to heal and also to regenerate aging or damaged tissues throughout the entire body. They hold a great potential to change the medical future of your children.
The most widely researched type of stem cells is the mesenchymal stem cell. These stem cells can form tissues such as nerve, bone, blood vessels and muscle. They play a very important role in the healing process by suppressing inflammation and also help the body tissue to repair itself.
The mesenchymal stem cells are located in a number of places in the body and can be found in high concentrations especially in the healthy dental pulp of teeth.
Habbu dental world is a leading dental clinic in Pune which has been promoting the importance of stem cells and its role in saving lives. They have a dental stem cell bank wherein the stem cells are carefully preserved and stored in a specialized cryogenic storage facility. Banking the dental stem cells can help to save the smiles of your family.

What is the need to bank dental stem cells?

• A tiny investment of banking your dental stem cells can help your family and you to shield from critical and serious health concerns that may likely arise in the future.
• Stem cell therapy is considered to be the perfect regenerative medicine for diabetes type1, Parkinson’s disease, healing wounds, spinal cord injury, osteoarthritis, etc.
It is ideal to freeze the cells in a youthful state which helps to preserve their future ability to generate replacement tissue and also in healing the body.
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