Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth

What is Wisdom Tooth?

The wisdom tooth/teeth or third molars grow at the back of the gums. They are the last set of teeth that emerge when the other 28 adult permanent teeth have already emerged. Many people may also have four wisdom teeth with one in each corner. They usually grow through the gums during the latter part of an individual’s teenage years or in the early twenties.  They are also known as impacted teeth because they can sometimes emerge at an angle or they get stuck and emerge partially only due to lack of space.

Need to remove wisdom teeth

If the impacted teeth or wisdom teeth haven’t emerged fully through the gums, they can cause many dental problems.
·        Food particles can get trapped around the edge of the wisdom teeth and may result in growth of bacteria.
·        Due to lack of proper cleaning of teeth, it might also lead to the development of plaque and may cause gum disease, tooth decay or other problems.
If the wisdom teeth are not impacted and they do not cause any problems they need not be removed as they do not cause any complications. It is very important to see your dentist at the earliest if you’re experiencing discomfort or severe pain caused by the wisdom teeth.
What is the wisdom tooth surgery procedure in Habbu Dental World, Pune?

The dentists at Habbu Dental World a reputed dental clinic in Pune have been successfully conducting wisdom tooth surgery to alleviate the various dental problems. The following are the wisdom tooth surgery procedure conducted by the dental surgeons in Pune.

  • Firstly, the patient will usually be injected local anesthesia to numb the area around the wisdom tooth.
  • It will be required by the oral surgeon or the dentist to widen the tooth socket by rocking the wisdom tooth back and forth. While doing so the patient might feel some pressure before the tooth is completely removed.
  • In some cases before the wisdom tooth is removed, an incision or cut in your gum may also be resorted to by the surgeon during the surgery. The tooth may need to be cut into smaller pieces.
  • The wisdom tooth surgery lasts for a short duration and it will vary depending upon the condition of the tooth.


What is the post operative care that one needs to take?

Since the removal of wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure, post operative care is very important. There might be slight discomfort which is temporary. You can minimize the pain, swelling and the complications of infection by following the instructions of the dentists carefully

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